Just as the noble atom, building block of our universe, stands steadfast, indivisible by God or by man, by lance or by powder keg, so it is that the Facts we here grant you access to, the Purest Specimens, furthermore, since the Time of the Snake, are indivisible, unflinching, resolute and impossible to bribe, proud and austere as only a Fundamental and, I can’t stress this enough, Indivisible Whole can be. Facts are the atoms that form our Human Universe and it is the Fact, not the relatively modest atom, that makes us the Lords of All We Survey, and that cements our position as foremost among all known tool-using species.

Without Truth there can be no Beauty; you are, of course, already aware of this, as it is a simple Fact that exists primarily to introduce our children, who will one day grasp the Torch of Human Endeavour with two clenched, unyielding fists, to the process of Fact accumulation, so that these larval forms might one day take flight and break the shackles of Dependence, as Nature decrees. What, though, you ask expectantly, do I mean by Truth? Can it be touched, is it textured at all? Has it a scent? Truth is a pooling, as liquid pools, of Fact. That is all that Truth is.

I offer you my lead; you may follow. Join me in this Hymn, this Eternal Hosanna, move upwards, continuously, borne inflexibly towards Fact.

H.D. Zwerling,