Hollis D. Zwerling – Editor-in-Chief

H.D. Zwerling, having accrued such wealth as his hardy endeavours and wide-ranging expertise warrant and deserve, and not a penny more as is readily demonstrable, has, with dignity and humility, embraced his destiny, has shouldered the burden of his responsibility. What clearer mark is there of nobility, of intrinsic, genetic nobility, than to offer one’s Inexhaustible and Officially Certified Grasp of Facts to those less fortunate, and yet to ask nothing in return? H.D. Zwerling would never, of course, make reference to his selflessness nor to his generous patronage and willingness to invest time that in a very real sense might otherwise be money. It might beseem the reader to look to himself.

Arthur Zwerling – Junior Reporter

Arthur Zwerling is a Junior Reporter. This role is satisfactory. He is committed to Fact and he used to enjoy travel.

Bob Hooke – Science and Pictures

A long-time Curator of Experiments at The Royal Society, Bob has recently found fame through the success of his innovative Micrographia and his award-nominated series of pageants that aim to entertain as well as inform. A familiar name in natural philosophy circles for decades, Bob has long been held in high esteem for his pioneering use of gravity and for the introduction of light. His rapid and determined rise from the shady and insular world of that kind of thing has afforded him this opportunity to share the many spoils of his science table. Bob is an exciting addition to our team, and we look forward to many years of his Facts. We trust he will meet this requirement.


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